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3 Major New Threats to Online Privacy

The 3 Threats

Last week, a group of researchers released a paper detailing 3 major new threats to online privacy:

1. Canvas fingerprinting: This basically involves telling your browser to draw an invisible image. It is done in such a way that each browser is likely to draw the image slightly differently. This allows the site to identify your browser.

2. Evercookies: The site uses data stored in alternative vectors to respawn deleted http cookies. Such vectors include Flash cookies, localStorage, and IndexedDB.

3. Cookie Syncing: This is the practice of two or more sites sharing a user identifier with each other, allowing the sites to combine their respective databases with each other to build a more detailed profile of their users’ browsing history.

These methods are far more difficult to defend against than the use of traditional http cookies, which are easily deleted. Continue reading 3 Major New Threats to Online Privacy