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Like Facebook, OkCupid also Experiments on its Users

Remember the controversy over Facebook’s psychology study of its own users? Dating site OkCupid has risen to Facebook’s defense, claiming that it too runs similar experiments on its own users.

OkCupid claims that such experiments are necessary for testing out products and features. Testing and obtaining user feedback in an effort to improve a service is one matter, but outright lying is quite another. One example of the kind of experiment OkCupid ran on its users was to tell people they were good matches when in fact they weren’t, leading them to send more messages. This kind of deception bears a remarkable similarity to Facebook’s manipulation of user news feeds.

As with Facebook, OkCupid has significant clout due to Continue reading Like Facebook, OkCupid also Experiments on its Users

Facebook psychology studies and privacy

In the last 24 hours, there have been a lot of stories about Facebook running a psychology experiment on its users. Reactions included the following arguments: that it was bad science, that it breached ethical guidelines, and even that it might have been illegal (although there is at least some dispute as to its legality). In general, many people seem to believe that Facebook “totally screwed with a bunch of people in the name of science.” Admittedly, not everyone agrees, but there is no denying Continue reading Facebook psychology studies and privacy